5 Ways in Improving Social Skills

Social skills are a set of skills that are needed to communicate, and generally interact with another person, in many situations, and occasions. Examples of social skills set such as communication skills, empathy, interpersonal skills, listening skills, public speaking skills, and general attitude. These skills can be useful not just in the workplace, but also in your daily lives, as it affects you in many ways.

Today, we are going to talk about how you would improve your social skills, the way to improve your overall social skills, and help make you a better, more sociable, and amicable person. Our article today is brought to you by Korindo official website.

We would discuss what is considered social skills, how to apply those social skills in your daily life, and how to improve your social skills.

What is Considered Social Skills?

Social skills are sets of skills or competencies that facilitate social interaction such as communicating and interacting with other people in any conditions, or any environment. Social skills are essential in many aspects of daily life, such as interacting with your friends and colleague, preparing for work interviews, managing your relationship with other people, and how you would perform in group work.

Many skills and competencies are considered social skills. Some are in high demand in today’s societies and workplaces, while others are less useful in a workplace environment. We are going to focus on the most important social skills to be developed in a workplace environment, as well as the general public, and how to improve them.

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Some important social skills are:

Empathy – Skills to identify, and know general other people’s feelings, ideas, thoughts, and interests. These are essential skills to read other people’s thoughts, and know the right situations.

Interpersonal Skills – It is a general skill on how you interact with other people, how you can engage or join in the discussion, and identifying social cues.

Intrapersonal Skills – It is skills, capabilities, or understanding of your own emotions, thoughts, and ideas. It is also one important aspect to control your social life.

Communication – Communication skills such as listening, non-verbal skills, written skills, and public speaking skills are essential to accommodate communication, and avoid misunderstanding.

How to Improve Social Skills

There are multiple ways for you to improve your social skills. Sharpen your communication skills, and know-how to maintain and grow your relationship. With these 5 ways of improving social skills, you will be a better and more sociable person, in the hope to create more meaningful relationships with your friends, clients, and colleagues.

So, here are 5 ways to improve social skills, brought to you by Korindo official information, lifestyle, and health website.

Start small start by developing your social skills on a small scale, Engaging with your closest friends, or with your family. Interact with them on daily basis. If you want to, you can interact with other people by making such small, and leisure talk.

For example, when going out shopping, when you are checking out, asked out the clerk how was their day, making such simple talk, sometimes actually means a lot to people.


The best way to learn a social skill is to observe. Observe how people would generally interact with each other, their non-verbal communications, body language, and so on. This way, you would generally learn the unwritten social language of your co-worker or people there.

Always engage with other people

One simple way is to always try to engage, and have a small, yet meaningful talk with your nearby friends, family, and your close co-worker, even if it is just small leisure talk.

Ask an open-ended question

An open-ended question such as “how do you feel”, “how are you”, or small talk like “what do you think about …” can be quite nice to interact with your friends, and find out their interests.

Try to always maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact during conversation is a must, and it is also quite rude if you don’t maintain eye contact. It also brings you more confidence and self-esteem.

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