Little-Known iPhone Tips and Tricks

iPhone is one of the mobile phone brands that are currently ruling the world. How come? This iPhone is usually widely used by important people from the upper middle class such as celebrities and also important government people. However, it turns out that there are still many iPhone users who don’t know some features which are usually not in the iPhone user guide, so they rarely use them. Here we will tell you some tips and tricks to make the most of our iPhone.

Some Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks That We Can Try

Having a sophisticated cellphone with the sultan category is indeed an extraordinary thing, but we will be cooler if we can also take full advantage of the usefulness of the various features on the iPhone. There are some tips and tricks that we can use to use hidden iPhone features that are not in the iPhone user guide, including the following:

  1. Slide the keyboard sideways

The keyboard used by iPhone phones comes from iOS, but we also need to know that this keyboard can provide options in the form of tilting to the left or tilting to the right, we simply do this by typing the globe icon or emoji then pop-up, then tap on preferences, the keyboard can be tilted to the right or tilted to the left.

  1. Measuring an object

Another feature that is also found on the iPhone that not many users know is that it can be used to organize an object. The iPhone can measure a distance quickly and quite accurately; besides that, it can also measure. How to use this feature is to open the camera and then position our iPhone on the object to be measured. To perform automatic rectangular measurements, the white box will usually frame an object to be measured after that we can see what its size is by tapping the white box earlier.

  1. Detect iPhone calls

Another feature that is only found on the iPhone is that it can detect incoming calls, it’s just that this feature is still rarely known, so many iPhone users also download applications that can detect a call. How to use this feature we need to activate it first. How to activate it is by going through the settings, then selecting the phone then selecting mute unknown callers, and activating the feature.

Some iPhone Features That Not Many Users Know About

iPhone is a brand of the best mobile phone so do not be surprised if the many features provided by this type of mobile phone. However, the problem is that users usually do not use the available features optimally. As for some tips and tricks to activate features on the iPhone that are not in the iPhone user guide, they are as follows:

  • Take photos with apple EarPods

Who would have thought that the iPhone has a feature that can be used to take photos via EarPods? The method is quite easy, namely by plugging the apple ear pods into our iPhone, then opening the camera application, selecting the subject to be photographed, then using the volume up or down button on the EarPods cable to be able to take pictures, quite easy, isn’t it?

  • Voice unlocks

Another very good feature that only the iPhone has is unlocking by voice. However, many iPhone users do not know about this feature. How to activate this feature is also very easy, namely by activating voice control by selecting navigation in the settings, then we can adjust the commands according to what we want. Then click action to select run custom gesture, tap gesture to be able to hit the code, then the way the microphone icon in the blue circle and say the word for password unlock.

Who doesn’t want to have an iPhone? Almost all readers will want it because, in addition to its good quality, it is also very suitable for those of us who work using cellphones. After all, the iPhone has interesting features. Those are some tips for activating features on iPhone that are not in the iPhone user guide. Hopefully, this article can increase knowledge about the features of the iPhone, especially for iPhone users today. Good luck!