The Role of Nutrients We Consume in Our Body

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Whenever we consume something, either foods or drinks, we consume its nutrients and take them into our bodies. Nutrients are nourishment for our body, it is a substances that used by living organisms like us, human beings to survive. For us to survive, grow and then ultimately reproduce, we would need constants in to amount of nutrients, and it is required daily to have nutrient intake, applies to animals, plants, and fungi.

They are many different nutrients, like calories, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Each of the nutrients has different functions in our body, and for our body to function properly, we would need the proper amount of nutrients for each different category.

What Is the Role of Different Nutrients in Our Body?

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Different nutrients have different roles in our body, for our body to function properly, we would need to know, and consume a well-balanced amount of nutrients every day. If you consume too much, or less than the nutrients daily need, it would lead to some health complications, and the severity of the health complications varies.

  • Nutrients as daily sustenance and energy source

Nutrients that are needed for our daily sustenance is a calories, as a calorie is the source of energy. A calorie is the source of body energy, as we turn calories into energy sources for our body. Without a proper amount of calories daily, we would feel hungry, and as we continue to starve, that will result in loss of body weight and other health complications.

We can gain calories by eating high carbs foods, like bread, rice, red meat, and cassava. A calorie is one of the most important nutrients, as we can’t survive without it, however, too many calories would also lead to many health problems such as obesity.

  • Nutrients as building blocks of our body

Nutrients that are responsible as a building block of our body are protein. Protein mainly functions as a building block of muscle, help repairs broken muscle tissue, and nutrients for our body growth. Protein, along with calcium that promotes the growth of bone is responsible for our body to growth in mass.

Protein can be obtained mainly from red meat, white meat, and fish, these are called animal meat, however, some plant-based alternatives also contain a high amount of proteins, such as soybeans.

  • Nutrients to keep our bodily function well

Nutrients are also needed to keep our bodily functions well. Nutrients that are needed to ensure our bodily functions well are vitamins and minerals. Our body can’t produce our vitamins and minerals, so to get these vitamins and minerals; we need to consume the source of nutrients, such as veggies, fruits, and milk.

Vitamins are chemical substance that produces beneficial factors in our body, such as taking care of the eye, better immunity, etc. Vitamins are generally found in many possible food sources, such as plants, veggies, fruits, fish, meat, eggs, milk, and many more.

Minerals are mostly the nutrients that keep our body healthy and function well. Minerals can be found in water, as well as other non-living creatures’ food sources. Salt is generally one of the examples of mineral sources for our body, as our body needs salt to survive, and have a well-maintained body.

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