About the Alliance : Councils

Member Councils

The Smart Card Alliance Latin America is member-driven community with industry and technology councils that are focused groups within the overall structure of the Alliance. Councils have been created to foster increased industry collaboration within a specified industry or market segment and produce tangible results, speeding smart card adoption and industry growth. Groups collaborate on specific deliverables, including reports, briefings and educational material. Active Councils currently include:


Executive Committee



The Payments Council

The Payments Council has been working on the development of digital payment. helping vertical markets migrating to chip technology to converge and create collaborative efforts in the payment process. Areas of focus: EMV Migration, Open Payments, Transportation, City Cards, Social Benefits Cards, Financial Inclusion, wearable devices, and mobile.

The Identity Council

The Identity council has been working on the development of digital identity systems and interoperability among government agencies in the region. The council helped to develop an interoperability specification at the applet level that would allow for any government agency or identity issuer to add applications, develop convergence with other vertical markets, and exchange suppliers with minimal restrictions.

The Biometric Council

This council will be developing a white paper on “Biometrics Applied in Financial Transactions”. The council will try to resolve the issue of the lack of existence of standards for biometrics in payments. It may also expand these concepts beyond to include their use in cards, facial, database, identity, mobile, and iris.