Agreement Signature to develop the Digital Center of Excellence – CED

Agreement Signature to develop the Digital Center of Excellence – CED

The National Bureau of Science, Technology and Innovation – SENACYT, The City of Knowledge Foundation – FCDS, and the Smart Card Alliance Latin America – SCALA have signed a three (3) year agreement for the development of the Digital Center of Excellence – CED.

The Digital Center of Excellence – CED is a training center for the professional and leadership development of individuals to shape the direction of different industry sectors, through the use of innovative emerging digital technologies, providing them with the tools to achieve their missions successfully and generating a level of efficiency needed in these market sectors.

The CED provides participants with theoretical and practical training, reducing the risk of the implementations of innovative emerging technologies through the expansion of knowledge, awareness education, best practices, specification, and the promotion of convergence and interoperability.

It is no secret that both governments and enterprises are ill equipped for the disruptive transformations occurring in their markets, which demand levels of efficiency, qualified professionals with the proficient knowledge, leadership capabilities, innovative nature, and understanding of the related components to guide their organizations to maintain relevance for their customers and citizens.

SENACYT, FCDS, and SCALA consider important that these professionals have a space to openly discuss market trends, develop new concepts, and be identified as experts of this sectors to bridge the knowledge gab for today’s digital world.

The Digital Center of Excellence – CED
300D Innovation Center
Building 234 City of Knowledge
Ancon, Panama City – Rep. of Panama

To get involved or participate in the Digital Center of Excellence, please e-mail: [email protected]