What is the GENUeiD

The GENUeiD is an interoperable open specification that targets the most basic component of an identity system to enable interoperability. It incorporates all of the industry best practices, standards, guidelines, and recommendations to ensure the development of a secure identity credential with capabilities for a vendor neutral enrollment process, issuance, verification/validation, personalization lifecycle management, access management, and the blending of emerging technologies such as tables, mobiles, and wearables.

The interoperable specification has also been developed with the objective of expanding the use of multiple application on a single device with integrated circuit. It allows vendors & users to comply with the specification, while incorporating separate applications – without risking security of the identity –  and utilizing the convenience of secure identification.

Our Objective

The objective of the specification is to provide a universal pathway for the incorporation of open platforms, eliminating the dependencies of proprietary systems and individual vendors that have limited the amount of communications, validation, authentication, and solutions among identity systems, both internally within an agency and across borders.

It is important for us to ensure that all countries, independent of resources, can have access to secure identity systems that will create efficiencies for the functioning of both government agencies and collaborative private enterprise.

Through our specification, we will provide the technical capabilities to allow for the reciprocal electronic recognition, validation, and authentication of a citizen and their national identity credentials among countries, improving the access to services and quality of life of all.

Access to the GENUeiD

The GENUeiD interoperable specification is available to any organization, government agency, private entity, or international entity, as long as they comply with the requirement, follow the access procedure, and use the specification for its intended use.



All organizations to gain access to the GENUeiD interoperable specification, must maintain an active membership in the Smart Card Alliance Latin America – SCALA, the purpose of this requirement is to vet all organizations of the industry are in alignment with the objective of the industry to help promote the use, understanding, and widespread innovative adoption of integrated circuit cards and devices in LAC.

Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A standard document protecting the privileged information that will be shared by SCALA with organizations interested in gaining access to the GENUeiD. This also protects SCALA from not allowing organizations share the information with 3rd parties.

Licensing Agreement

A document that provides the rights and conditions for organizations to receive the GENUeiD interoperable specification and the terms & conditions. Once processed, organization will receive:

For more information on gaining access to the GENUeiD specification contact: [email protected]

Testing & Certification Options

Basic Testing & Certification

Organizations, which have already loaded & ported the GENUeiD Applet on to their product or solution, and only require the certification of their compliance with the interoperable specification.

Advance Testing, & Certification

Organizations, which need SCALA to loaded & port the GENUeiD Applet on their product or solution, and help certify their compliance with the interoperable specification.

Middleware Testing, & Certification

Organizations, which need to test & certify their middleware (PKI, Data, Facial, etc.) that it is functional & compatible with the GENUeiD Applet, and that it is in compliance with the interoperable specification.

Personalization Software Testing, & Certification

Organizations, which need us to test & certify their personalization software and CMS is functional & compatible with the GENUeiD Applet and that it is in compliance with the interoperable specification.

For more information on testing & certifying your products contact: [email protected]