Membership Information : Letter from the Associate Director

Letter from the Associate Director

Dear Industry Professional,

We are glad to receive your inquiry about the The Smart Card Alliance Latin America (SCALA) membership. Our non-profit, non partisan industry association aspires to bring together smart card and related technology providers with integrators, end users, & government institutions in an open forum to address some of the challenges and opportunities being faced by the industry in Latin America.

SCALA’s mission is to help stimulate the use, understanding and adoption of smart card and related technologies in Latin America. This mission is accomplished through specific projects such as: Tri-lingual educational programs (Spanish, Portuguese, & English) market research, conference events, online resources, newsletters, media publications, and industry outreach allowing members to stay connected in as a united industry promoting innovative thought.

The industries being influenced by smart card technology include:

In addition to having the opportunity to work with other SCALA members to develop new opportunities for all, your membership will receive the benefits of; Networking, Visibility, Information, research, education, business, industry growth, innovation, advance knowledge, and influence in media, analyst, and policy makers.

The Smart Card Alliance Latin America (SCALA) is the single industry voice for smart cards, leading the industry discussion on the impact and value of smart cards in Latin America. We hope that this letter inspires you to join our association and see what the industry has to offer!


Edgar Betts
Associate Director
The Smart Card Alliance Latin America (SCALA)