How Can You Use TikTok For Learning?

Tiktok is a music video-based social media platform that will give everyone or its users the freedom to upload their videos. Unlike YouTube, Tik Tok has a limit on how long a video can be uploaded.

That’s why some people are currently using this platform as a recreational material because there are various filters and interesting music in it. But don’t get me wrong that it turns out that this can also be used for educational materials.

Where it turns out that you can use Tik Tok as learning material about the new information that needs to be known and according to your wishes. This function is very important but it is covered by the stigma of society that it does not only contain video content about dance and music. If you want to know how to use TikTok for the learning process, apply the following method.

Following Educational Accounts

If you use the TikTok platform, you will be able to see so many varied short videos. Each video on TikTok has its category but will be mixed into 1 homepage and recommended for you.

If you want to follow a video based on the category or cast of the video, then try to follow the account that published the video. That way, various videos will appear according to what you follow on the homepage that says “Following”.

If you want to use TikTok as a factor to get educational videos, then you have to look for an account that only focuses on providing videos in the educational category.

Because by following this account, your homepage will continue to be bombarded with so many new educational videos from accounts that you have previously followed. The more educational accounts you follow, the more videos you can watch.

Searching for Educational Videos Using Hashtags in Search

You know that several main menus will be provided on the main page of the TikTok platform. Where some examples of which are homepage, search. To be able to get educational videos but don’t know the account that provides this video, you can use the search menu.

In the search menu, you can write keywords about what you want to search for. For example, if you want to learn about mathematics, then try writing the keyword “math” then when will search results appear related to that keyword.

After that, move the search option to the “hashtag” menu, because if you browse videos through hashtags, you will certainly be able to get more options from various accounts. That’s why using this feature will make it easier for you to get new references about an account that provides educational videos.

Scrolling Down the Home

Please note that Tik Tok has an AI system that will make simple adjustments to your habits in operating the platform. If you see when you first start using Tik Tok, maybe the videos that always pass on your homepage are random videos without any category directions.

But over time, the AI ​​in the system will not analyze and adjust your habits in using the platform. Because previously you have often searched for educational videos and even followed so many educational accounts, the system will recommend and display various educational videos on your homepage more often.

That’s why you only need to try to scroll down the videos on the homepage so you can get the latest videos related to education. If the AI ​​system on TikTok has adjusted to your habits, of course, you can be sure that this platform can be a medium for learning easily through various intuitive and interesting videos published by other people.

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