Set Up Your Printer, And It’s Ready to Use

Printers have become a part of life; many daily activities require the help of a printer. As in work, school assignments, business promotions, and others. Some people choose to go to a printer rental place to meet their needs. But many also choose to buy and have a personal printer. Usually, they use EPSON DRIVERS DOWNLOAD to install their printer.

There are many advantages to having a personal printer, one of the reasons is that it is more efficient. In addition, it is more well-maintained because it is not shared with other people. For some people who don’t know, there are two types of printers, which are regular printers and wireless printers.

Regular printer

The regular printer has been widely circulated and can be found in many places. Mainly the owners of personal printers use a cable printer. As the name implies, this printer uses cable as a connection between the printer and the device that stores the files that we will print.

How to set up?

The following are the steps that need to be considered if you want to set up a new printer. Beforehand, you need to prepare your printer installment by using EPSON DRIVERS DOWNLOAD.

  1. Get Ready Your Printer

Make sure you remove the plastic or safety cardboard that was obtained when opening a new printer. Then put the printer in a place that is not wet and has enough space for the printer. For example, it has space to open the printer lid, where to put the paper, to where the paper comes out.

  1. Turn on Your Printer

You need a power source to run the printer, then plug in the printer power cable and press the button to turn it on. Wait for a while, then the printer is turned on and ready to go to the next step.

  1. Connect the Printer

Connect it using the included cable, the cable used to connect the printer to the computer is usually in the form of a USB cable. If the printer and the computer were connected there will be a notification on your computer.

  1. Set It Up

At this stage you will focus on your computer, the thing you need to do is detect your printer. To help detect your printer you need EPSON DRIVERS DOWNLOAD to make the printer visible. If you are using windows then all you need to click is the control panel. But if you use a mac book, then all you need to click is system preferences.

  1. Add A Printer

After that, you will choose hardware and sound options. Clicked, and the next step is to select the option to add a printer. Select or click the type of printer you have.

  1. Test the Printer

After all these steps, you need to test your printer to make sure you are doing it right and the printer is ready to use. You could try any file on your devices to print but it’s best to print some files with colors on them. Because you need to know if the colors on the printer work properly or not. And voila! Your printer is ready to use.

Wireless Printer

If you have a wireless printer, don’t worry the step is almost the same except for some parts. For attention, you need to have a personal wireless network such as Wi-Fi. If you do, then connect your printer with your Wi-Fi. After that, you must connect your printer to your computer using the same method as explained above. Easy right? Also, don’t forget to use EPSON DRIVERS DOWNLOAD to make your installment easier.

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