Types of Curtains and Their Function In House Decoration

Curtains are one part of the interior of the house that serves as a cover and a barrier to the entry of sunlight. In addition to the main function, curtains can also add aesthetics to home decor. You can use various curtain designs from bay window ideas exterior for reference for curtain designs in your house.

Curtains play a huge role in house decor. Curtains not only block sunlight from entering the house but can also be the focal point of any room. The appearance of a house feels incomplete without curtains. Although some residents underestimate it, curtains are useful for providing privacy and regulating the temperature in addition to blocking out the sun.

With a variety of materials, you can choose according to your taste and needs. One of the curtain decorations that are on the rise is minimalism. Presents a simple design but still gives beauty. Very suitable for those of you who live in apartments or landed houses with a minimalist area.

Types of curtains and their functions

Window curtains have different types and functions, as well as their shape. There are curtains with classic shapes made of cloth, but there are also roller blinds made of iron, plastic, or wood. Bay window ideas exterior, the shape and color of the curtains for each window depends on the tastes of the house owner. Here are some types of curtains and their functions:

  1. Thin white minimalist curtains

White curtains are very commonly used. In addition to residential homes, white curtains are often seen in apartment or hotel windows. White is a very neutral color, making it suitable for any room theme. The thin white curtains also let the light in perfectly, giving the room the impression of being spacious and bright.

  1. Minimalist curtains with geometric motifs

If your house has tall windows, you can use curtains with long geometric motifs. Make your home beautiful to look at. These curtains are suitable for simple rooms that need accents. The problem of color, choose a color that matches the theme of the walls of your home.

  1. Ombre curtains

The ombre color on the curtains can give an artistic and unique impression. If used at home, it will give a modern impression in the middle of a minimalist room. Regarding color, you can choose according to taste or follow bay window ideas exterior. Most importantly, using the ombre color is not excessive. To be safe, you can use a white to gray or black ombre color.

  1. Outline minimalist curtains

If you are a simple person and don’t want things to be too much, then you can try an accent motif with outlines. Curtains with this motif will help your room get a modern impression. Choose a color combination that is not flashy, such as white and gray or beige with pink.

  1. Black minimalist curtains

Many people do not dare to use black curtains for rooms or homes. In addition to giving the impression of being dark, black also makes the appearance narrower and denser. But actually, the black color on the curtains can give the impression of a more elegant room.

  1. Tie-dye curtains

Tie-dye is a method of dyeing fabrics by binding and dipping the fabric in dye. Abstract and irregular color motifs give an artistic impression that is suitable as a minimalist room accent. Choose a white base color to match your minimalist furniture.

That was the discussion about several types of curtains and their functions, especially in decorating your house windows. You can also see bay window ideas exterior to add to your house design reference.